Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One decent title should not be this hard.....

1. Honestly, what the heck was going on with Mr. Antolini? Like was he just drunk or did he have like....a crush on him? So confusing yet no closure?
2. Do you think the last two conversation with Phoebe were the most integral parts of the book?
3. What changed in Holden at the carousel?
4. Why does Phoebe want to go with Holden so bad if he has not really been that nice to her?
5. Do you think after this Holden kind of let go of Allie and is finally beginning to live his life and get closer to Phoebe?

Friday, May 13, 2011

I still dont know what a title should be....

 "All you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart enough to be able to buy a goddamn Cadillac some day."

"Now, listen," old Sally said. "Lots of boys get more out of school than that."
"I agree! I agree they do, some of them! But that's all I get out of it. See? That's my goddamn point," I said. "I don't hardly get anything out of anything."

1.Here Holden is talking how much he thinks school is crap and how much he doesn't like it. He really hits a bulls eye when he talks about the Cadillac. If you think about it that's the 2nd best reason to take a job, (besides just liking the work) and Holden is really disgusted with this.
2.Well it really gives us a direct quote from Holden saying what he thinks about education for him. Before this he had mostly just alluded to it.
3.So, kind of what I said above. But also I think it shows us that Holden is subconsciously trying to drive girls other than Jane away because for no other reason would he just push Sally away like that.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A title?

Holden goes through soooo much in just few short pages. Its incredible really. Holden acts a lot like a child here, Ive noticed that the more pressure he is under the more he sways to either super mature or super childish. When him and Stradlater got into it he decided to be immature. For example when he says "you go wash your face" and says moron every other word, that's really childish. Which I can understand because I miss childhood more than almost anything. It was the best, no worries nothing bothering you. There wasn't any great social issues going on. You didn't have to worry about looking cool 100% of the time. Being an adult is the opposite. Everything you do is big decision and you have to take care of every aspect in your life. Man.


Phoniness. I'm gonna choose that one because I understand what Holden is feeling whenever he talks about this. Holden says stuff is phony; I say stuff is fake, same thing. But unfortunately it is impossible to not be fake in at least someways. A simple example is someone who says that they don't care what people think they are going to dress how they want to dress. Well, you cant just go around naked because that illegal and other than that every other kind of clothing is saying something. Athletic clothes say you do sports. Dress clothes say you like to present your self well. There are many examples but I think this makes the point pretty good. If you're confused just ask in the comments :) The point though is that Holden IS a phony. But the only redeeming quality of being phony is if you understand it. You have to be understanding and realize that it is impossible to escape, you cant just be condescending to other people who chose different things.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I feel mostly empathy with Holden. I know what its like to be smart but still failing classes and people not understanding why. I know what its like to be alienated from people. I have never been kicked out of a school but i know what its like to move from  school to school to school. So yeah, I would say that there are a lot of comparisons between Holden and I and that creates empathy on my part.

Pre-reading question #6

6) Why do teenagers feel the need to rebel against the rules or against other people (parents, teachers)?

I think that it is just a natural thing. The first reason is that we kind of come out of the shelter of our parents protecting. We find out about these new "bad" things and we get really excited. We get soaked in new ideas from our friends, older influences, and new media we are allowed to access. Then after we are saturated with these new ideas the teens ideals and the parents might not line up as perfectly as when we were eight. So we rebel and then comes the arguing and fighting etc.
The second part of it is teenagers finally feel like they can control their own life, but they still live in their parents house and under the parents rules so that creates a constant power struggle and the sheer annoyance that their parents still tell them what to do even though we know what is "best" simply cause teenagers to rebel more.