Saturday, May 7, 2011


Phoniness. I'm gonna choose that one because I understand what Holden is feeling whenever he talks about this. Holden says stuff is phony; I say stuff is fake, same thing. But unfortunately it is impossible to not be fake in at least someways. A simple example is someone who says that they don't care what people think they are going to dress how they want to dress. Well, you cant just go around naked because that illegal and other than that every other kind of clothing is saying something. Athletic clothes say you do sports. Dress clothes say you like to present your self well. There are many examples but I think this makes the point pretty good. If you're confused just ask in the comments :) The point though is that Holden IS a phony. But the only redeeming quality of being phony is if you understand it. You have to be understanding and realize that it is impossible to escape, you cant just be condescending to other people who chose different things.


  1. I get what you're saying but how do you think that Holden is a phony? To me he doesn't really care what other people think.

  2. But when he tells us stuff like "I was being suave as hell, really" How is that not phony?